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When we learned that the theme for Week 1 of the 15-week Chronicles GameDev Challenge was "curfew", we immediately decided to make a game based on Rose Hartwick Thorpe's 1867 poem "Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight". We have since become so enamored with the project, however, that our vision for it has grown beyond what we could do in a week . For the jam, therefore, we're presenting a 30 second trailer. You can also download the playable prototype if you wish but it is very very rough.  Please contact us if you're interested in helping us complete the game. - Kies & H.H.Magoo 

Install instructions

At the present time, we're only recommending you watch the trailer but if you really  really want to play the current draft, it is in the Win32 > Debug subfolder of the ZIP.


CurfewMustNotRing.zip 128 MB

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